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In the Image of God:
A Christian Vision for Love and Marriage
Introduction by Dr. Veith
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The divorce rate among Christians is virtually identical with that of non-Christians. The majority of Christian as well as non-Christian singles indulge in sex outside of marriage. Many Christians, including pastors, are addicted to pornography. “Living together” and homosexuality are now socially acceptable. Sexual morality, not only in the culture but in the church, is in a state of collapse.

How can the Christian sexual ethic be recovered? How can we apply, in practical terms, the Word of God to build strong, fulfilling marriages, according to God’s design? How can the church move beyond denouncing sin to bring to bear the gospel of Christ on these issues?

Despite the urgency of these questions, American Christianity, on the whole, has not faced up to these issues. But now the Cranach Institute, Concordia Theological Seminary, and the LCMS Board for World Relief-Human Care have brought together experts from a wide variety of traditions and specialties to give pastors, counselors, and laypeople help for both ministry and for the everyday callings of husbands, wives, and singles.

Dr. Gene Veith


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