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Monday, September 18, 2006

 No.  Quantity    Presentaion Title   Speaker
01 "Allowing Sex to be Ordinary" Lauren Winner
Session 1
02 "The Spitting Image of Love" Nathan Jastram
03 "Incarnational Marriage: How the Presence of Christ Matters" Scott Bruzek
04 "Understanding the Roots of Homosexuality" Melissa Fryrear
Session 2
05 "Ships Passing in the Night? Biblical Means of Navigating Divorce" Michael Eschelbach
06 "...And Such Were Some of You? Sexual Sin and Pastoral Care" Harold Senkbeil

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
 No.  Quantity    Presentation Title   Speaker
07 "Theology of the Body: A Refreshing Biblical Approach to Sexual Morality" Christopher West
08 "We've Come Undone: Human Division and Sexual Disintegration" Daniel Weiss
Session 3
09 "Proclaiming the Gospel to a Pornified World" Christopher West
10 "Sex, Lies and Marriage: Cohabitation as the Pastoral Challenge..." Matthew Harrison
11 "Why Not Gay Marriage?" Glenn Stanton
Session 4
12 "My Crazy Imperfect Christian Marriage" Glenn Stanton
13 "Marriage: The Joy of Faithfulness" David Ludwig
14 "Apologizing and Forgiving: The 'Heart' of a Christian Marriage" Randall Schroeder
Session 5
15 "How to Talk About Sex - Even in Church" Daniel Weiss
16 "Treating Intimacy Disorders: The Iceberg TM Method..." Rob Jackson
17 "How Should the Church Respond to Homosexuality?" Mike Haley
18 "Love, Marriage, and the Law of the United States" Richard Nuffer

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
 No.  Quantity    Presentation Title   Speaker
19 "When God's Good Gifts Are Defiled: The Sinner and the Sinned Against" Beverly Yahnke
Session 6
20 "It's Not About the Birds and the Bees Anymore: Talking to Teens..." Maggie Karner
21 "Sex and Marriage: Gift of God, Image of Grace" Philip Zielinski
22 "Luther on Marriage: Creation and Cross" John Pless
Closing Session
23 "Man and Woman: Spiritual Dimensions of a Fleshy Distinction" William Weinrich

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